Hello Everybody,

I did this Exercise, It was actually actually robust, however so value it !! I would love to know what you considered it ?


Exercise Breakdown: 

Set your    to a cease watch. You’ll carry out – Seven repetitions in seven units of every train under with a seven second relaxation in between units.

After ending all the set for every train, the variety of repetitions, units, and relaxation instances is decreased by one. Then your transfer on to the second group.

I might be utilizing my Sandbag 

Todays Exercise:

So, for instance – carry out 7 deadlifts, 7 instances with a 7 second relaxation in between. then transfer on to the following transfer i.e squats …. carry out all of group 1.

Then full group 2 in the identical method. Publish your time.

Group 1:

1. Deadlifts

2. Squats

three. Leap Squats

Group 2:

1. Dumbbell Swings

2. Medication Ball Slams (or Clear & Press for those who don’t have a ball or something you possibly can drop)

three. Burpees



To carry out a squat, you should stand straight and unfold your toes in a shoulder-width distance. Now, bend your knees whereas pushing your hips behind. While you attain the bottom place, push your physique again to the beginning place.


First, load the barbell and place it in opposition to your legs. With an overhand grip, seize the bar whilst you bend your knees and hips. With out curving your again, get again to the beginning place. Ensure you create rigidity in your glutes as you carry out the train. Hold the barbell near your physique as you set it down on the bottom.


In performing this train, you should place your arms on the again of your head. Ensure that your arms and elbows are in-line along with your shoulders. Carry out a squat and bounce as excessive as you possibly can. Repeat this train required within the official Jason Momoa exercise.

Medication Ball Slam

It is a quite simple train within the official Jason Momoa exercise. Maintain a drugs ball above your head and attain again earlier than you slam it in entrance of you.

Clear & Press Various:

Sandbag Swing

Seize a sandbag or dumbbell with an overhand grip and carry out a squat. Make certain to place the dumbbell between your legs along with your proper or left arm. Together with your arms straight to the bottom, push your hips in entrance, and swing the sandbag/dumbbell as you straighten the remainder of your decrease physique. Get again to the beginning place, change the dumbbell to the other arm, and carry out the train once more.


This train combines squats and push ups. First, stand straight and decrease your physique like performing a squat. When you attain the bottom place, place your arms in opposition to the ground and push your legs backwards, making the beginning place of a push up. Now, carry out a push up and push your legs again to your chest. Get to the beginning place of the train and carry out it once more as required in this system.

Let me understand how you probably did & what time you accomplished it in ?


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