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The DailyHiit Present Rerun | Season 1 | Episode 1 | Introduced by BodyRock


Hey BodyRockers,

Your higher physique will get labored over in in the present day’s exercise!  Get able to smash it with me! 

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Take pleasure in your Day by day Hiit Exercise, the breakdown is under!

Jack x

Episode 1: Higher Physique Blast | Breakdown

Carry out 10 reps of the train under earlier than transferring on to the following train.  Full four rounds for 400 reps!  Begin your stopwatch and notice the quantity of tie it takes you to finish this problem!

1. Plank Slider Push-ups

In plank, stroll arms ahead four paces, again four paces, then decrease down for two push-ups.  Repeat.

2. Reverse Grip Shoulder Press

Begin standing with the bar held at shoulder stage with palms going through you.  Carry out four shoulder press jacks by hoping your legs wider than hip width whereas on the similar time urgent the bar straight up.  Hop your toes again collectively, whereas returning the bar to the beginning place.  After the forth rep, carry arms straight down in entrance, nonetheless holding the bar, and contract your biceps as you raise and decrease the bar doing
four bicep curls.  Repeat.

three. Down Canine Half Burpee

Begin in down canine, do 1 down canine push-up.  Decrease to plank, preserving your elbows pinched to your sides, do 1 tricep push-up after which do a 1/2 burpee by hopping your toes round your arms after which hoping again into plank.  Return to down canine.

four. Tricep Kickback, Squat Jumps

Begin in a squatted place along with your chest ahead and weights in hand.  Carry out four tricep kickbacks and a pair of squat jumps.  Repeat.

5. Bent Over Row

Stand with barely bent knees, chest ahead and straight again.  Maintain the bar with a large grip.  Pinch shoulder blades and draw bar to waist.  Return till arms are prolonged and shoulders are stretched downward.  Repeat.

6. Cross Punch, Change Lunge

Begin in a lunge place with weights in arms.  Do 2 excessive cross punches, adopted by 2 mid-point cross punches, then 1 swap lunge.  Repeat.


1. Arnold Press

Begin with weights in arms and arms in entrance with elbows bent, palms going through you.  As you progress your arms from entrance to your sides, rotate your palms to face entrance.  As soon as to your sides, push the weights straight over head.  Reverse the motion to return to your beginning place.  Repeat.

2.  Entrance Increase + T

Begin with arms prolonged down and plates resting on higher quad.  Have interaction your entrance deltoid and slowly elevate your arms as much as shoulder top.  As soon as at shoulder top, glide your arms from entrance to your sides to create a “T”.  Reverse the movement to return to your beginning place.  Repeat.

three. Lateral Increase + Circles

Begin with arms in a “T” – do four tiny ahead circles then decrease arms right down to your sides.  Have interaction your shoulders and lift you arms again up the “T” and do four tiny backward circles.  Repeat.

four.  Bent Over Flys

Begin standing along with your chest ahead and arms prolonged down in direction of the ground with weights in arms.  Squeeze your shoulders as your draw your arms as much as your sides, pause for half a second to essentially really feel the burn after which decrease arms again to the beginning place.

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