Hello BodyRockers!

At the moment’s exercise is all concerning the core and plyometrics! Are you prepared?

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1 Spherical = 12 Minutes

50 Seconds Work | 10 Seconds Relaxation

Rookies: 1 Spherical

Intermediate/Superior: 2-Three Rounds

The Breakdown:

  • Lunges
  • Strolling Pushups 
  • Bent Over Row
  • Bounce Squats 




1. Straight Bar Alternating Lunges – Begin in a standing place with the straight bar pressed above your head (arms barely bent).  Step again, bending each knees and coming right into a lunge.  Each knees must be at 90 levels.  Return to standing and repeat different aspect.

Sean - Workout 4-2 Sean - Workout 4-3 Sean - Workout 4-4 Sean - Workout 4-5

Strolling Push Ups

2. Strolling Push-ups with Stability Coach – beginning in plank with one hand on the steadiness coach and one hand on the bottom.  Carry out one push-up.  Stroll the hand that was on the bottom to the steadiness coach and stroll the hand that was on the steadiness coach to the ground.  Do a push-up on the other aspect of the steadiness coach.  Repeat.

Sean - Workout 4-6 Sean - Workout 4-7 Sean - Workout 4-8 Sean - Workout 4-9 Sean - Workout 4-10 Sean - Workout 4-11

Bent Over Row

Three. Bent Over Straight Bar Rows – Begin by holding the straight bar with arms prolonged, fingers just a little wider than shoulder-width with palms dealing with up.  Bend your knees and convey your chest ahead, protecting your again straight and head up.  Whilst you physique stays stationary, preserve your elbows in in the direction of your physique, pinch your again muscle groups, draw the barbell in in the direction of your abdomen.  Return to beginning place and repeat.


Sean - Workout 4-12 Sean - Workout 4-13 Sean - Workout 4-14

Bounce Squats

four. Straight Bar Squat Jumps – with the straight bar resting in your again, preserve your again straight and bend your knees coming down right into a squat place.  Instantly soar up as excessive as you may.  Land softly and repeat.

Sean - Workout 4-15 Sean - Workout 4-16 Sean - Workout 4-17 Sean - Workout 4-18



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